Rockwool Resin Bounded Slabs

Rockwool Resin Bounded Slabs

Rockwool Resin Bonded (RB) Slabs :- RB slabs are semi-rigid and rigid boards manufactured from stable rock fibers bonded with a minimum quantity of thermosetting resin binder.

 RB Slabs are capable of withstanding extreme temperature upto 750°c and are lightweight, strong,resilient, easy to handle and easy to cut to suit intricate Shapes.


Standard Dimensions(Size) :- Thickness - 25 to 100mm 150mm

width: -  1.00mtr X 0.6 mtr, 1.00mtr Xo.5mtr.

Standard Density: Density 48kgs/m3 to 160 kgs/m3

Working Temperature - upto 750°C

Application : This material can be apply on Boiler, wall insulation

false ceiling, Partition, HVAC Ducks, overdeck & underdeck etc.