Puff slabs

Puff slabs

Foam emerged as a material with extremely effective thermal insulation qualities and high strength to weight ratio at low temperature. These inherent physical characteristic enables it to perform extremely well with other alternative products Rigid Insulation, above 90%. Closed cells remains durable for years, no thermal bridges, high mechanical Strength maintains insulation effectively. Our scarce natural energy resources have compelled us to save energy. We offer our client with the high quality Puff Slabs which are very usefull for their Thermal Insulation purposes.

Standard Dimension: Thickness 25mm and Above

Standard Density :- 36 kg/m3 and Above 

Working Temperature: -  - 180° to +100°C

Application - It is widely used for cold insulation work in various types of Pharmaceuticals and chemical industries.

  • It is also reccomend for under-deck roof Insulation.
  • walls and floring of cold Stores and refregerated ware hosuing.