Fiberglass Tissue

Fiberglass Tissue

Fiberglass tissue is a non woven felt made of randomly oriented glass fiber distributed in a special binder by a wet lay process. This material is used in composite Surface applications. It adds Smoothness, luster, and cleanliness of colour to the Surface and it improves water resistance and durability of the product Ideal for reinforcement of flooring and roof materials.

Applications: Fiberglass tissue is available in a variety of densities and

reinforcement spacing options. 

>Serves as a wrap for both underground and overground Pipeline systems

>to counter natural and artificial corrosion. 

>Good for Wrapping and coating and waterproofing work. 

>Benefits : Provides reinforcement

Counters natural and artificial corrosion.

Compatible with Bitumen and coal tar enamels  

Provides support to insulation material

Improves Sound absorption.